Doctors Gave Up On Dying 5-Yr-Old, Then Mom Hears Her Say “Jesus” & Witnesses A Miracle.

For Brittany Backenhaster’s family, everything changed in an instant one morning when Brittany’s mother found the five-year-old suffering from a grand mal seizure.

Her mom soon put Brittany on medication to prevent the seizures, but they persisted. Eventually, Brittany was hospitalized for three weeks as her condition worsened.

Things went from bad to worse when doctors told Brittany’s family her entire brain was seizing. There was nothing more medicine could do, they said, and they suggested Brittany’s parents take her home to die in peace.

The family never gave up hope and even though modern science gave up her, they knew God didn’t! What happens next is nothing short of a miracle!

That night, Brittany’s mother spent the entire night in prayer. She had no idea she was in for the surprise of a lifetime.

Brittany became responsive for the first time all year. Not only that, she began to describe the face of Jesus.

Watch the video below to hear Brittany’s miraculous story, and share!

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