5 Clever Ways To Reuse Old Christmas Cards

Every holiday season we love getting the annual updates on friends and family members in the form of a beloved Christmas card. Some people send them over Thanksgiving, others wait until Christmas, and a few get theirs in right before the New Year. These cards are so special, and yet it doesn’t take long for them to really pile up! We can’t stand the idea of throwing away these special cards, so what can we do with them instead? We’re glad you asked!

The video below gives us five clever ways to reuse and repurpose old cards. You’ll feel good about putting those cards to use, and you’ll even get some fun and festive decor out of it!

One idea is to use pieces of old cards to make a magnetic 3D display. This is such a fun idea, and the kids will love to help out! You can also use pieces of old cards to decorate and personalize gifts. Go ahead and see what other ideas there are in the video below! Which one is your favorite?

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