5 Unsolved Mysteries From The Wild West

The wild west is fodder for many stories, and it’s easy to see why. The law was more of a suggestion while outlaws ran amuck. Amongst the warfare, treasure hunting, and gunslingers, the West was a pretty brutal place. It’s no wonder there are a few unsolved mysteries about this fascinating time in American history.

Victorio Peak Treasure

Nothing says Old American West like a good ol’ treasure hunt. In the 1600s, a soldier on the brink of death made the journey to a monastery in New Mexico. He told Padre Felipe La Rue, a monk at the monastery, about a secret place in Victorio Peak where gold could be found. Before dying, the soldier revealed the secret location to the monk. Felipe gathered some people and found the mine.

Via Wikipedia

He worked successfully in the mine with his team for three years before the Mexican army intervened. However, before the army could take over the operation, Felipe ordered the mine to be closed and caused a landslide to cover the entrance. Felipe and his crew died without telling a single soul about the location of the mine. Throughout the last 400 years, many people have tried to find the entrance to the gold mine, with no success.

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