5 Tips For A Full Flowerbed Makeover

after garden
Wow, doesn’t this flowerbed look so much better than before? It is so healthy and vibrant, and I just know once those plants start really growing, it will fill out nicely and be a beautiful place to garden!

Before you go digging around in the garden, it’s important to have a plan. Part of that plan should involve research, tubing, and design! Keep reading to see our top 5 tips from the ever-informative Garden Answer team!

5 garden tips 2
First of all, you’ll want to assess the lighting in your space. Is there a tree blocking the sun for a majority of the day? Does the garden space get full afternoon sun? Is the flowerbed in question next to your driveway, where it will get sun and heat reflected off of the pavement? You should consider each of these factors when planning and deciding what to plant!

Next, you’ll want to figure out a watering system. You can always add this in later, but it’s easier to do before planting so you don’t have to worry about snaking tubes around plants. It’s ideal to get a watering system in place if you live in an area that doesn’t get a lot of consistent rain. That way, you won’t be slaves to watering your gardens come summer time!

See what other tips we have in the video below. Happy gardening!

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