5 Fool-Proof Methods Of Making Statement Art For Cheap

Yarn Statement Piece

I love this statement piece! It’s so full of texture and personality. I really like the natural feel it gives the space by using a branch instead of a dowel. I’ve seen similar pieces on sale at Anthropologie for $100 to $300! There’s no reason to spend that kind of money when you can do it yourself for the cost of yarn!

Once you’ve found the perfect branch and hung it up with some twine in the perfect spot, it’s time to add the yarn. To really achieve the multi-textured look, you’ll want to grab some different weights of yarn. You can experiment with braiding the yarn together or knotting it to get different looks. To attach the yarn, simply cut a length of yarn, fold it in half, and loop around the branch. Repeat! Once you’re done you can trim the bottom into an arrow shape or whatever you prefer. Get the full instructions here!

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