5 Amazing Health Benefits Of Quilting

It’s no secret that we love all things quilting around here! Whether it’s half square triangles, bargello, Missouri stars, or even a fun little tote bag, we just can’t get enough of that sweet, sweet fabric. The great news is, quilting isn’t just a fun, time-honored tradition and hobby, it’s actually good for health! Check out these top 5 health benefits you get from quilting!

Relieves Stress

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Sure, maybe your first few quilting projects were a bit stressful, but if you’ve been quilting for any amount of time, this health benefit comes as no surprise to you! For those of us that struggle with anxiety and depression, having something to do with our hands is a huge way to relieve anxiety. Plus, you get a little boost of confidence and pride when you’ve completed a quilt or a project. Win-win!

Strengthens Brain Power & Memory

When working on a quilt, we are essentially playing with geometry. Colorful, patterned, geometry. From cutting at certain angles, and sewing things together, to piecing blocks, it’s all an exercise in math! Plus, looking at the different colors of fabrics and matching color values is stimulating for the brain. When working with different patterns, we tend to get into a rhythm with the blocks, thus stretching our memory for repeating patterns.

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