5 Delicious Bacon Desserts

Bacon has been a trendy food these last few years, but honestly, bacon has always been a star in my book. While I love a perfectly cooked slice of crispy bacon on its own, there are some truly creative recipes out there to spruce it up a bit! In fact, the recipes below incorporate bacon into tasty desserts that everyone will love – as soon as they get over the fact that they are eating bacon for dessert.

Caramel-Drizzled Chocolate-Covered Bacon

When you get a craving for a decadent snack, try this indulgent recipe for chocolate-covered bacon. The perfect marriage of salty, smoky and sweet, this bacon is dipped in chocolate and then drizzled in caramel sauce. Does it get any better than that?? Ideal for special occasions, this tasty, unique treat makes a great appetizer and is a guaranteed conversation starter when you have friends over. While we don’t make it very often, it’s a huge hit when we do! Get the recipe here.

Spicy Candied Bacon

candied bacon with pecans and brown sugar cooling on baking rack

There’s just something so magical about the combination of sweet and salty or sweet and spicy. That magic is truly captured here in the simplest of preparations for bacon. It strikes the right balance of sweet and savory in a way that is so absolutely delicious. I’ve wanted to try this recipe for a while and can’t figure out what took me so long! I’ve just rough chopped some nuts – totally a personal preference here on which nut you’d prefer to use. Personally, I love pecans. Walnuts are also an excellent choice. Get the recipe here!

Bacon S’mores

If you love bacon and you love s’mores then what could be better than having these two yummy tastes in the same bite? In this new era of snacking, when you can find bacon in just about anything from chocolate to waffles to milkshakes, it’s no surprise that bacon would also be a great fit with s’mores. The salty, savory, crunchiness of the bacon is perfect with the soft, melty, sweetness of the s’mores toppings. If you’ve been looking for a novel dessert or snack then this one most definitely fits the bill. Get the recipe here!

Bourbon Bacon Brittle

If you’re looking for some extra special snacks to serve at your next party, then you needn’t go further than bacon. Candied bacon is a real treat, and you’ll soon find out why. It’s mouthwateringly delicious, a combination of sweet and salty that will impress your friends and family. What makes these treats so good? Of course, it’s the bacon, but not just the bacon. A little brown sugar here and a little bourbon there, yeowza…we’ve got some serious snacking to do. We’ve whipped up a little bit of magic here with this bacon bourbon brittle and it’s too good not to share. Get the recipe here!

Bacon Rice Krispie Treats

Yep. That’s right. We put bacon in the Rice Krispie treats. And it was AMAZING. We could just stop right there, but we won’t, because guess what else in these bad boys! MAPLE SYRUP. Seriously, we can’t stop talking about these…. What happened when we busted these out at our cook-out? A total shark frenzy! Definitely prepare to make two batches of these, ’cause they go fast. Whether you make them for your next bash, movie night or for absolutely no special occasion at all, they will steal the show every time – they’re amazing and everyone will love you. Just make sure to grab yours and get out of the way! Get the recipe here.

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