5 Best Things At Costco (And What To Avoid)

We’re all about cooking good food and saving money on groceries. What better place to stock up on all the essentials than Costco? The low prices and selection are unmatched on most food items. We’ve collected some of the best items to purchase, as well as some you should avoid. Go ahead and see our list below!

1. Olive Oil

Olive oil and extra virgin olive oil are great buys at Costco! Not only are you getting a great deal, but the oils themselves are far healthier for cooking and finishing off meals. Buying canola or vegetable oil, while still a great deal price-wise, isn’t very healthy for you. In fact, cooking with these oils can actually change their molecular formula, which can really mess with your digestive system! Long story short: Buy olive oil, not vegetable oil.

2. Thick Cut Bacon

Who doesn’t love bacon? It’s no secret that we’re huge fans. As connoisseurs of bacon, we highly recommend purchasing thick cut bacon, not only for the taste, but becuase it usually has less additives. We don’t recommend getting pre-cooked, microwaveable bacon. It is definitely full of all sorts of additives and preservatives. The take away:Buy thick cut bacon, not microwaveable bacon.

3. European Butter

If you love butter as much as we do, it’s time you try European butter! The fat content is higher, but it’s all good fats. Plus, the flavor is richer, the texture is creamier, and you’ll really be able to tell the difference in your recipes! Regular butter actually has a lot of additives and a surprising amount of water – which is why the taste and texture is nothing compared to the European stuff. Bottom line: Buy European butter, not regular butter.

4. Peacans/Peanuts/Almonds

The nuts at Costco are a ridiculously low price, and definitely something you’ll want to take advantage of. Make sure you get nuts that don’t have added salts and sugars, and always store them in the fridge. Believe it or not, nuts can go rancid! They have oils in them that can go bad, so it prolongs their shelf life if you keep them in the fridge. You’ll want to avoid pine nuts at Costco. If you look at the info on the back of the bag, you’ll see they are from China – which is unsettling, because these nuts are native to Italy, which means whatever they are producing in China is a different kind of nut. The takeaway: Buy all nuts except pine nuts.

5. Chicken Thighs

Chicken thighs are definitely the most underrated part of the chicken. However, there are so many good qualities about them! For starters, chicken thighs are pretty inexpensive. They are also juicier and more flavorful that chicken breasts. Plus, they take less time to cook since they are smaller! As much of a temptation as it is, you’ll want to avoid the rotisserie chicken. They have a bunch of hormones and chemicals, and surprisingly enough, sugar! Bottom line: But chicken thighs, not rotisserie chicken.

Watch the video below for more information and even more tips on what to buy and what to avoid at Costco!

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