5 Meals From the 1950s We’d Never Eat Today

Ah, the 1950s. Poodle skirts, sock hops, drive-in theaters, and a booming, post-war population. There are many great things that we love about this era in American history… and a few that we’re glad to see go away. Like some of the popular meals of the time, for example. Do you remember eating any of these growing up?

Green Bean Pizzarino

This disasterous dinner is comprised of a big ring of meat that has been seasoned with artificial pizza flavoring (whatever that is), and ketchup. This ring is draped with American cheese, salami slices, and is filled in the middle with cooked green beans. This dish was often served at dinner parties, seeing as it was aesthetically pleasing (at least to some people).

Jello Meals

For some reason, savory jello dinners were all the rage in the 50s, 60s, and 70s. We’re not sad to see this trend go. Pretty much anything that could fit into a jello mold and be mixed with gelatin passed for an aceptable meal. Everything from shrimp and chili to olives and tuna, nothing could escape the wrath of the jello mold! If you’re feeling nostalgic (or adventurous), we have our own recipe for Shrimp Jello salad you can try out!

Vitamin Bread

Don’t be deceived, this is not the same Wonder bread we know today. No, this is an overly-processed bread that has had the natural vitamins extracted and then more vitamins and fillers mixed in, and then added back into the bread before it is baked. The commercials claim by eating two slices of vitamin bread at each meal, you get all the essential vitamins you need for the day. As you might imagine, eating six slices of bread a day isn’t exactly the healthiest method of obtaining your daily vitamins.

Frosted Ribbon Loaf

It sounds like a good dessert, right? Wrong. This meal consists of ham, eggs, tomato and… Cake frosting. The loaf is constructed in layers separated by slices of bread. Recipes differ – some use the classic ham, eggs, and tomato combo, but there are dozens of options. Avocado, tuna, and carrots was another popular variation. That in and of itself doesn’t seem bad at all. It’s like a double-decker sandwich. But then they have to go and ruin it by slathering the whole thing in sweet frosting!

Bologna Cake

Yes, you read that right. Baloney cake. Some people might really be into this party appetizer, even today. It consists of about a thousand layers of bologna, cream cheese, onions, worcestershire sauce, crackers, and spray can cheese. I’ll be honest, I’d totally try this recipe!

Get more details on these interesting meals from the 50s in this video below!

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