Incredible 3D Wall Painting Ideas

We come across some pretty amazing things while looking for new and creative ways to decorate and paint. Some of these ideas we might not do in our own home, but it’s still amazing to watch the whole process! And who knows, maybe 3D wall painting will become a new interior design trend! These looks might be fun to try out in a teen’s room or a game room. Check out some of these mind-bending painting techniques!

Fish Scales

Using just a handmade stencil and some spray paint, this artists transforms a plain, boring wall, into a true interest piece! Wouldn’t this be fun as an accent wall in an underwater themed bathroom?

Woven Brick

This is truly an optical illusion, one that we’re still trying to figure out. Again, the technique uses a handmade rectangular stemcil and a can of spray paint to create the stunning effect.

Lattice Work

Here is one painting technique that looks different from far away. At a distance, it’s easy to see how this could be mistaken for lattice work. Closer up, however, a different picture begins to form – quite literally!

Grunge Bricks

Exposed brick walls are all the rage right now, but what about a DIY grunge brick wall? You could start the trend!


We saved our favorite for last. Don’t these floating bubbles look absolutely magical? We can’t help but picture them in a nursery. The technique will blow your mind as well!

Watch each of these designs come to life in the video below!

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