35 Nature-Inspired Baby Names


Have you ever looked out in wonder and awe at the natural world? For many parents, that same awe happens when they hold their baby for the first time and give them a name. Baby names run the full spectrum as parents look back on family tradition or seek out something truly unique and unusual.

Parents face a difficult task when it comes to the naming of their child. We want something meaningful, personal, or something totally unique; we look to family history, literary figures, even cultural icons to help us find just the right name for the precious little person we hold in our arms, a name that will be with them for eternity – no pressure! When we don’t want the name we choose to be like everyone else, we look to some unusual places for inspiration. One place that has some pretty amazing names is around us all the time: mother nature.


Whether you want a name for a particular meaning or just to be different, the natural world is a great place to find just what you’re looking for. Names like Leaf, Stone, and River are rising in popularity, as well as Azalea, Rose, and Sage. There’s something about these natural names that not only convey originality but also beauty and strength. If you’re a lover of nature, or just love these names for their sound and meaning, then a baby name from nature may be just what you’re looking for.

35 Nature-Inspired Baby Names

shutterstock_2654766021. Abilene, Hebrew, “meadow”

2. Acacia, Greek, “guileless”

3. Ackley, English, “oak meadow”

4. Ainsley, Scottish, “hermitage wood” or “clearing”

5. Ash, Hebrew, “happy”

shutterstock_1883416526. Beaumont, French, “beautiful mountain”

7. Brier, French, “nature”

8. Brin, Welsh, “like a hill”

9. Celeste, Latin, “celestial” or “of the stars/heavens”

10. Cerise, French, “Cherry

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