35 Gorgeous Photos Of Intricate Latte Art That Will Inspire Everyone To Go To Their Nearest Café

When it comes to coffee, there’s nothing quite as tasty as a latte. Lattes, which are traditionally made with espresso and steamed milk, are creamy and delicious coffee drinks.

You can have them hot or iced, with flavor shots or without, and with any variety of espresso and milk types.

Nowadays, it’s not uncommon to see other types of lattes as well, like chai tea lattes, matcha lattes, turmeric lattes, butterfly pea flower lattes, and even charcoal lattes!

One of the best things about lattes (aside from how much caffeine they have and how great they taste) is how beautiful they look. Baristas spend lots of time and energy perfecting their steamed milk pouring skills — and some of them take latte art very seriously.

From landscapes to animals to flowers, these lattes are truly pieces of art.

Check out these incredible photos of beautiful and intricate latte art, then head to your favorite café to pick up a latte!

1. Classic

Here we see some classic latte art. Many baristas choose to go with floral or botanical designs for the steamed milk. These kinds of designs are easier to make because of the way the milk pours into the espresso. Even though lattes like this aren’t super difficult to make, they’re still absolutely beautiful.

2. Star

While some baristas choose to use the steamed milk to make their latte art designs, others opt to use cocoa powder or espresso to top off the beverage. To create this design, a barista placed a star-shaped stencil over the latte, then sprinkled cocoa powder over the stencil. This design is also simple to make, but it packs some star power!

3. Flower

This flower design looks like it was made with some tasty caramel or chocolate sauce. Although the flower looks pretty easy to make, it actually takes some serious effort to make a design like this. Wouldn’t you love to get a latte that looked like this?

4. Under the Sea

Realistic designs — like these sea creatures — are definitely challenging to make. These octopus and fish designs are truly amazing. Can you imagine drinking these lattes while lounging in an armchair looking out at the ocean?

5. Mountain Landscape

There’s nothing better than cozying up with a blanket and a hot latte on a cold day, right? Well, what if your coffee looked like a stunning mountainous landscape? This latte features a gorgeous snowy vista.

6. Airplane

When you’re stuck at the airport waiting for a flight, it can be nice to drink a hot cup of coffee. Wouldn’t it be lovely to drink a latte with an airplane on it while watching flights take off? This latte, like the star latte above, looks like it was made using an airplane-shaped stencil.

7. Duck Face

How cute is this little ducky face? This cartoonish duck is absolutely adorable. What would you do if you saw this sweet face staring up at you from your coffee cup?

8. Swirl

Sometimes latte art is so beautiful that it dissuades you from drinking your beverage. This elegant swirl does the exact opposite — it’s super enticing and looks delicious. And who knows? That swirl could have been made using a tasty sauce, like salted caramel or chocolate hazelnut!

9. Colorful Birds

Now that tea lattes are really popular, it’s not unusual to see colorful designs on top. Swan designs aren’t totally unheard of in latte art, but these ones stand out because of their bright orange and green colors. Wouldn’t you love to sip on one of these beautiful lattes?

10. Teddy Bear

While many baristas choose to go with elegant designs for their latte art, others opt for cutesy designs, like this teddy bear. Bears are actually a very common theme among latte art, since they aren’t as difficult to make as some other animals.

11. Happy Words

If you’re adding chocolate or caramel sauce to your latte, a barista may choose to write a cute note on top of your coffee. It’s pretty easy to write words on a latte if you have a squeeze bottle full of sauce — this is a great way to try making your own latte art at home!

12. Bunny and Ogre

Bunnies and ogres and lattes, oh my! While some people might be put off by seeing an ogre on their drink, you have to admit that the color of that latte looks a lot like Shrek. Plus, it’s a very impressive design, as is the bunny!

13. Anchor

Anchors away! If you love everything related to ships and the ocean, you’ll adore this anchor-inspired latte. The barista who created this latte would have used a stencil to get the anchor design onto the milk foam.

14. Minimalist Fern


Although real shapes and animals are cool to see on a latte, sometimes the most beautiful designs are the more minimalist ones. This simple fern is simple and elegant but still makes the latte look special.

15. Kitten

Look how adorable this kitten is! The basic cat shape is made out of milk foam, with dark coffee marking the ears, eyes, nose, and whiskers. This kind of design could be used for a variety of animals, including bears, lions, and mice!

16. Heart Garland

Most green tea (or matcha) lattes use only white milk foam to create designs. This garland has both light and dark colors (probably made with milk and chocolate), and it looks absolutely beautiful. This kind of latte design could be used at all times of year — it simultaneously feels like springtime and Christmastime!

17. Cartoon Face

This wacky cartoon face is really a one-of-a-kind design for latte art. Do you think the barista changes what the face looks like based on the customer who ordered the latte? Maybe this is the barista’s version of a caricature!

18. Coffee Quote

Another great way to use a latte stencil is to add a quote to the top of your coffee. This coffee says, “I Love You More Than Coffee (Well Almost),” which is totally adorable. This kind of design is great to use for sassy or sweet messages.

19. Palm Tree

This palm tree matcha latte is so tropical. Instead of sprinkling cocoa powder or coffee grounds on the top of this beverage, the barista used matcha powder to create the green palm tree. Any matcha lover would be so pleased to see this lovely tree on top of their latte.

20. Love

L is for the way you look at me, O is for the only one I see, V is very, very extraordinary, E is espresso — that’s how the song goes, right? Well, even though those aren’t the actual lyrics, they’re accurate. Love is the only way we feel about lattes.

21. Rainbow Flower

Recently, baristas have been going above and beyond when it comes to their latte art. This colorful flower design is absolutely incredible — and hopefully it wouldn’t stain your lips if you drank it!

22. Snowman

In the winter, it’s fun to play in the snow. Whether you prefer to build snow forts, have snowball fights, or make snowmen, the best thing is coming inside afterward to sip on hot chocolate or coffee. This snowman latte is super cute, and it would be great to drink after spending time outside in the snow.

23. Crab

Check out this cartoon crab! This design is definitely uncommon when it comes to latte art, which means the barista who made this is extra creative. How would you react if you ordered a matcha latte and saw this happy crab on it?

24. Owl

Who says you need fancy colors to have a beautiful latte? This realistic owl is such a cool addition to this latte. It looks like the barista began with a simple leaf design, then decided to try something way more difficult.

25. Bulldog

Aww, look at this grumpy li’l bulldog! How cute is his face? Some baristas specialize in putting dog faces on lattes — and some are even talented enough to base the face design on a photo of your actual pup! Every dog owner would love getting a latte like that.

26. Christmas Tree

Around the holidays, it’s nice to get together with friends and family to share a cup of joe. This Christmas tree, most likely made with a stencil, sends some holiday spirit to whoever is drinking the latte. This design works just as well with any type of latte — every color looks great with a Christmas tree design!

27. Charlie Brown

Wow, talk about a complicated design. This Charlie Brown latte has multiple colors and intricate designs, and it still looks delicious! The barista who made this latte has some serious art skills. Wouldn’t it be cool if they made a whole set of lattes with all the Peanuts characters?

28. Butterfly

Although you might think that butterflies are a common motif for lattes, they’re actually not very common. This elegant butterfly design is challenging to make, but it’s definitely worth it. Who wouldn’t love getting a pretty butterfly on their latte?

29. Snail

This snail is too precious! This design is a good reminder to slow down, take a deep breath, and appreciate the little things in life. If you initially thought this design was a rainbow, that’s OK — a rainbow design on a latte would be beautiful, too.

30. Blue Leaf

Whoa, who knew you could get a blue latte? This latte was made with butterfly pea flower powder, which is a type of caffeine-free herbal tea. The color of this tea is truly unique, and any latte art looks really special in this hue.

31. Rabbit

This delicate rabbit is definitely not an easy latte art design. That said, there are so many good uses for a rabbit latte — wouldn’t you love to drink it at an Alice in Wonderland-themed party? Or how about at an Easter brunch?

32. Coffee Beans

Not every latte has to have a design that’s so out there — the design can directly reference the coffee you’re drinking. This latte features three brown coffee beans. I don’t know about you, but I’d love to take a big sip of this latte.

33. Fox

Botanical designs aren’t too challenging to make, which is why so many lattes have ferns, leaves, or trees on them. This latte has some of those simple features, but it also has a beautiful fox set right in the middle, making it a cool forest wonderland.

34. Elephant

If you want your memory to be as good as an elephant’s, maybe you should drink more espresso! Or maybe not. If you love elephants, this awesome latte would make you so happy

35. Droopy-Eared Dog

Look at this cute little pupper! This droopy-eared dog is a fun addition to any latte. If you have a dog with you when you get this latte, make sure to order your pup a big puppuccino (which is usually simply a cup full of whipped cream made just for dogs to enjoy).

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