Dad Leaves Three-Year-Old Alone For 10 Minutes And She Devours 18 Yogurts

All of us have to deal with cravings for food at some point or another but it seems as if this three-year-old has started a little early in life. After all, her father left her alone for 10 minutes and she gulped down 18 yogurt cups.

Arron Whysall from Nottingham is a 27-year-old father who was mending his garden fence on a Saturday afternoon when he found his little girl Olivia grinning. She was covered with Petits Filous Yogurt and when he asked her if she had eaten ‘all the 18 yogurts’, she simply replied ‘Yes!’ According to Mail Online.

Aaron got busy cleaning up his daughter’s face but she was so adorable he couldn’t help but take a picture and share it on social media. It has now been shared more than 10,000 times and her naughty little yogurt-eating grin has gone viral.

Petitis Filous is well known as a company. They had the following to say on their website: “In 1986, Petits Filous fromage frais launched in the UK. It was the first small pot fromage frais on the supermarket shelves and quickly became the most trusted favorite for both Mums and kids because it tastes so good! Today, Petits Filous is the #1 Kids fromage frais brand in the UK, containing both calcium and Vitamin D which help build strong bones. We also have a goodness guarantee promising 100% naturally sourced ingredients so you can be reassured you are giving your children the good stuff.”

Looking back on the incident, Arron said, “When I found Olivia with all 18 yogurts, I asked her, ‘Have you eaten all of those?’ and she quite proudly said ‘yes’. She was quite pleased with herself about it. I just thought ‘fair enough’ I couldn’t even tell her off for it because it was just too funny. I was more overwhelmed than anything. I couldn’t believe it. I shouted my partner down and she said ‘there’s no way she has eaten all of them’. But I told her, ‘I think she has because she’s just told me she has’. It really made us laugh.” he said. “Then I thought ‘why haven’t I taken a photo of this?’ I put it on Snapchat at first, but my friends told me it needed to go on Facebook and it’s gone mad.” he added.

“She does love her snacks. She doesn’t really eat loads at dinner or tea time but if you offer her yogurt or fruit, she’ll always find room for it somewhere. We did have to pre-warn her grandparents that Olivia had eaten 18 yogurts and asked them to keep an eye on her but she was fine. She was her normal self and ate all her tea, we couldn’t believe it.” Arron said, reports Metro.

Arron’s fiancée, Billie Hardie, 26 was doing her hair at the time. They let people know that their children are not free to ‘do their own thing’ so they were surprised when Olivia went ahead and ate all of those yogurts. Her brother, Oscar, who is six years old is the one who ratted out his little sister for ‘eating a yogurt’. Arron told him not to worry but 10 minutes later, he discovered that she had made quite a mess.

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