She Irons Her Plastic Bags Together To Get THIS Awesome DIY!

Snack Ties

Screen Shot 2018-07-12 at 2.48.20 PM
This is such a practical and creative way to use up all the parts of your plastic bags! While the first craft used just the middle section of the bags, this idea is a great way to use up those handles you cut off. You could just store the handles in your pantry and use them individually to tie a knot around any open bags, or you could create a more durable solution. Grab three or four handles and place parchment paper over them. Iron the layers together like you did for the first craft. Then place a button on one end, and cut notches at different intervals on the other side of the strap. To use this, fold the top of the bag of food down and roll the bag up into a burrito shape. Then, wrap the handle around the whole bag and secure with the adjustable buttonholes.

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