3 Non-Traditional Christmas Trees That We Can’t Wait To Try!

It’s no secret that we love all things Christmas. Every year is a struggle to hold off until after Thanksgiving to put up the tree and get out our favorite decorations. That being said, we’re always looking for new and creative ways to spruce up our home for the holiday season. Check out these three unconventional trees that can be made from stuff you probably already have at home!

Lighted Tree

What a fun tree to display either indoors or outdoors! For this project you’ll need a tomato cage, some floral wire, and lights. Start by turning the tomato cage upside down and securing the ends with a zip tie to get a cone shape.

Next, string the floral wire from top to bottom, securing by wrapping around the horizonal bars. Make sure you have at least two vertical lines of floral wire per section. This is to support the lights. Finally, string the lights on, first following the vertical support beams, and then around the tree until all the areas are filled in. Top your tree with a star or bow and enjoy!

Hanging Ornament Tree

This is such a unique way to get that pop of green in your decor! It’s a little abstract, and probably not the best choice if you have a mischievous cat, but it’s still fun and unique! Grab a mesh strainer, some fishing wire, small beads, and ornaments.

First, remove the handle from the mesh strainer. Then, thread some fishing wire through the mesh, securing with a knot around a bead. Cut the wires at different lengths, and then tie on your ornaments. You can do all sorts of designs – spirals, cones, or just hanging ornaments from different heights. Hang this “tree” up by putting a command hook on your ceiling.

Rustic Paper Tree

This is our favorite one on the list. You’ll need chicken wire, a newspaper (or other kind of paper you like), and a hot glue gun. Start by cutting a section of chicken wire and shaping it into a cone.

Next, cut squares out of whatever kind of paper you chose and roll them into cones. Thread the cones through the little sections of chicken wire and fold over, securing with hot glue. Continue this process until your tree is all full! Top it off with a star or bow, and enjoy your cute little paper tree!

Get more details on each of these projects in the video below!

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