21 Strangely Enchanting Grocery Store Photos from the Old Days

From when we tagged along with Mom at the grocery store to the turn-of-the-century grocer’s which looked like something straight out of an old Western, grocery stores sure have changed. Some of the check stands, displays, and products of the modern era seem entirely foreign when compared with these old time grocery stores. Some of them are downright quaint!

State Archives of Florida

Remember grocery boys who would help you to your car? Photo from the 1940s. Via/ State Archives of Florida

Library of Congress

Those cans of peas work out to 7.5 cents a piece back in 1936. Via/ Library of Congress

State Archives of Florida

Oleo demonstration in 1951. Many people had never eaten margarine at this point in time. Via/ State Archives of Florida

Whizzco for LPE