These Are The New Food Emojis That Will Be Coming Out Later This Year

Your emoji keyboard is about to expand yet again. According to The Takeout, there will be more Unicode food emojis coming in 2020 – and some of them include boba, blueberries, and tamales (about time!).

The Emoji 13.0 will consist of 117 new emojis, and they will be available for iOS and Android during the latter half of this year. New emojis will be available throughout all the categories – so you can look forward to more animals, smiley faces, and random objects. However, if you love to text about your food then you will be happy to know that unique, new food emojis are headed your way.

Besides the ones I just listed out for you, you can also expect to see a green bell pepper, green olive, flatbread, and fondue be added to the emoji library. The fondue emoji will feature a flame beneath a pot that resembles the Swiss flag – the country of origin for fondue.

While the new list of food emojis may end there, there is also a new symbol that may be of use: a toothbrush!

Watch the video below to see all the new emojis set to be released in 2020:

Let us know which one you’re most excited about!

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