10 Food Trend Predictions For 2018

Na Na, Na Na Na Na, Hey Hey Hey, Goodbye

Which 2017 food trends will not be making an encore appearance this year? 2017 gave us unicorn Frappuccinos, spiralized veggies, more avocado toast, and Poke bowl mania. Some of these food trends came and went (adios charcoal, the keto diet, and turmeric lattes) and some of them are still hanging around (glitter, eating clean). What does 2018 have in store for us – literally – that we should know about? What will we be eating this year?

Out With Old. In With The New.

Here is the 2018 forecast for food and diet trends we will see this year.

1. More Puffed & Popped

Seaweed Fava Chips anyone? Whole Foods’ list of 2018 food trends includes the prediction that we will see more popped, puffed, crisped, and dried foods than ever before. Foods you wouldn’t fathom being puffed, popped, crisped, or dried: cassava (a long, tube-like starchy root), fava (a popular Mediterranean and Middle Eastern green legume), jicama (a root vegetable), popped sorghum, and more. Keep your eyes peeled and your taste buds on stand by to critique this new trend.

2. Powdered Everything

Think it’s just protein or turmeric that can be powdered? The idea of sprinkling something seemingly powerful onto a recipe is gaining steam and this year you could see more powdered products, including collagen or maca powder (maca is a root vegetable with some celebs claiming to benefit from its mood, memory, energy and libido powers). Matcha (powdered tea using the entire tea leaf, but lead is a concern so be moderate and don’t feed to children) creativity will continue, with recipes for muffins, stir fry, brownies, puddings, soup, and guacamole.

3. Boosting Flavor with Botanicals

Apparently, flowers aren’t just for looking at and sniffing. Whole Foods has this flower power brainchild as their number one 2018 trend prediction. Floral scents might not just be for candles anymore. Rose flavored snacks? Lavender latte? Give them a try and see what you think.

4. Food Waste Focus

We will be seeing more of the entire plant being used, including the stem and sometimes the root. Environmental awareness and concern is contagious and the food industry caught the bug. 2018 trend predictions from both The Specialty Food Association and Whole Foods include ways more of food structure will be utilized or how scraps will be upcycled. Fruit pulp chips and pickled watermelon rinds are two products born from this “root-to-stem” movement.

5. Transparency in Labeling

Want to know the name of the captain of the boat that caught that tuna you are about to purchase? You might be able to. Food manufacturers have tuned into consumers’ desire for background checks on their food and where and how it was sourced. In 2018 we will see more GMO labeling, more clarity about fair trade status, and more calorie and nutrition information at serve-yourself food bars. Environmental awareness might also be communicated by sharing more information about their efforts to conserve water and electricity.

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