20 Gorgeous And Unique Home Coffee Bars That Will Inspire Anyone Who Loves Caffeine

There’s nothing better than a delicious cup of coffee from a coffee shop. It’s always fresh, and it just tastes better than the homemade alternative.

There’s just one problem: It’s expensive. That’s why you should consider home coffee bars as an option.

If you find yourself spending money daily on coffee from cafés, you’ve probably thought about ways to save cash on your caffeine addiction. For many people, it’s not necessarily the coffee that is so enticing but rather the variety of options and ambiance.

Well, you can bring the feeling of a café into your home without breaking the budget! All you have to do is build your own home coffee bar.

Using a bookshelf, cabinet, kitchen hutch, or bar cart, you can make your very own coffee cart. Amp it up with your favorite coffee machine, mugs and coffee accessories, and cute decorations.

No matter your style, there’s a home coffee bar for you! Just check out these 20 unique home coffee bars for inspiration.

Wood and Wicker Coffee Bar

This coffee bar is classic and rustic, looking like something you’d find at a homey bed-and-breakfast in Vermont. This just proves that you don’t have to go fancy to have a functional and attractive coffee bar.

Colorful Wordscape Coffee Bar

This quirky coffee bar is colorful and fun, featuring two different coffee machines, a ton of mugs, and various coffee stir-ins. This whimsical coffee bar is decorated with a number of words and hashtags, including the definition of coffee and a sweet “Cream & Sugar” sign.

Rustic Country Coffee Bar

This classic kitchen hutch was turned into a country coffee bar with just a few simple accessories. The coffee bar features a light blue espresso machine, a variety of coffee mugs, and some lovely accessories. There’s even enough space for extra storage underneath the bar!

Simple Modern Coffee Bar

A coffee bar doesn’t have to have a ton of products on it to look complete. This elegant coffee bar has some simple white mugs, beautiful white roses, and a trendy letter board.

“Cream and Sugar” Coffee Bar

This coffee bar features an easy-to-use Keurig, a cute sign, and baskets full of coffee! The hanging mugs are absolutely adorable. This coffee bar also has a lot of space for fruit (which is a great reminder to eat breakfast with your first cup of coffee).

Farmhouse Coffee Bar

This sweet farmhouse coffee bar would look good in any home (not just a farmhouse). The coffee bar features a few simple mugs, some teeny-tiny plants, and a cool wall sticker. The shelves above the bar hold one-of-a-kind farmhouse decor and some other coffee accessories.

Eclectic Coffee Bar

This coffee bar features numerous types of coffee machines (including a full-blown espresso machine), a bunch of quirky coffee mugs, and lots of coffee signs. The wood and metal cabinet is perfect because it offers a lot of storage and counter space.

Flirty Floral Coffee Bar

This beautiful coffee bar has a boho-chic vibe. The graphic patterns and florals go perfectly together, while the wicker baskets and plants bring an element of nature to the bar. Gold and silver accents offset the organic elements.

Rustic Bungalow Coffee Bar

This gorgeous coffee bar is truly an eye-catcher. With the huge “Coffee & Tea” sign, the hanging mugs, and the beautiful shelf, the bar really stands out. The neutral colors look great, and they’re the perfect backdrop for holiday decorations (like the Halloween ones in this photo).

Elegant Farmhouse Coffee Bar

This white and light wood coffee bar is perfect for serene mornings. The bar has an elegant Keurig coffee maker, some colorful cookbooks, and matching mugs, plates, and accessories.

Romantic Airy Coffee Bar

This coffee bar, located right by the window, is classy and romantic. It’s mostly white, but it has light pink and gold accents. The live and decorative flowers are lively and beautiful.

Natural Drink Station

This drink station/coffee bar is perfect for enjoying coffee, tea, smoothies, milkshakes, and other drinks. Whatever your fancy, this station has it all. All the stir-ins and tea varieties are stored in beautiful glass jars.

Subway Tile Coffee Bar

This modern coffee bar has white subway tiles, wood shelves, and even a sink and fridge! In addition to a coffee maker, there’s a chrome teapot, a coffee grinder, and other coffee accessories.

Pretty in Pink Coffee Bar

This adorable coffee bar has a #coffeetime light box, fresh flowers, and some pretty mugs. Although the coffee bar is small, it packs a punch with the bright colors.

Antique Cabinet Coffee Bar

The woman who created this bar discovered this wooden cabinet on the side of the road and knew she could find a good use for it. She brought it home, put in some serious elbow grease, and turned it into this chic little coffee and tea bar.

Classic Kitchenette Coffee Bar

This classic coffee bar has a sunken sink, two different coffee machines, and floating walnut shelves that match the countertop. This coffee bar uses patterned mugs and coffee bean varieties to decorate the space.

Cozy and Rustic Coffee Bar

This rustic coffee bar will make everyone feel warm and cozy inside. The area features succulents on the wall, coffee decor (like the signs and carpet), and a large coffee machine.

Country Chic Coffee Bar

This coffee bar has elements of country and vintage style. The bar is made of a vintage wooden desk, painted white, and some simple elements. The focal point is the large “Luciano” sign.

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