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20 Creative Inventions From The Past That Will Make You Appreciate Technology Today

Progress is one of those funny human inventions that leaves us scratching our heads… wondering how in the world we will progress any further.

The great inventions of the past have taken men from the depths of the ocean, to the moon and back. They have helped us understand this amazing world that we live in, and daily we are learning more.

Some of these inventions are genius, though most are highly ridiculous. Share this madness with your friends!

Here’s our takeaway: There will always be a dud or two in the mix on the heels of great inventions. In the spirit of those famous, anonymous words “you never know until you try”.

1. The Monowheel, first patented in 1869.

2. The Yodel Meter, because everyone needs to know the power of the yodel.

3. The Aquaplane, good for a 25 mile cruise in 1938.

4. Dog restraints in the 40’s weren’t the greatest…

5. 1940, The worlds’ first bicycle built for the entire family.

6. 1932, the amphibious bicycle.

7. 1961, The two wheeled Ford Gyron.

8. 1963, The “Cat-Mew” machine was meant to scare off rodents.

9. 1961, Robot Commando Soldier was the first interactive toy of its kind.

10. 1957, The lawn mower of the future was equipped with radio, airconditioning and 100 other features.

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