20 People Share Their Cabin Fever Moments In Hilarious Tweets

Most of us are more than a little stir-crazy after spending days upon days in self-isolation.

For many, it’s starting to feel as if there’s nothing left to do. Staying indoors has been tough on everyone, but finding humor in our situation is a great way to not only deal, but connect! That’s why Jimmy Fallon asked fans to share their cabin fever moments, and the responses are spreading laughter to thousands. Here are 20 of the best #IKnewIHadCabinFeverWhen tweets.

1. When hand sanitizer is now a beloved family member.

2. When organization turns into an escape.

3. When there’s nothing left to binge-watch.

4. Any chance to get out, right?

5. When wearing actual clothes becomes a distant memory.

6. When your only co-worker has four legs.

7. When time means nothing, anymore.

8. When you’re so desperate for conversation you harass the cat.

9. Who’s a good boy? Roomba is!

10. When you realize stuffed animals make great friend material.

11. When the only person you talk to is yourself.

12. When you start creating your own “art” installations out of toilet paper.

13. When you start fondly remembering rush-hour traffic.

14. When laziness is actually a good thing.

15. When you start seeing things.

16. When squirrels have it better than you.

17. When everything in your fridge now has a pair of googly eyes.

18. When you’ll take any reading material you can get.

19. When the garage is now a tropical paradise.

20. When you find yourself comforting plants.

Cabin fever isn’t fun, but reading stories about it sure is! Hold on, all of you. We’ll get through this together. In the meantime, what’s your cabin fever moment?

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