20 Beautiful Backyards That Will Inspire You To Spruce Up Your Outdoor Space This Summer

Summer is here, which means the warm weather is finally here to stay! Spring has been temperamental across a lot of the US, but now it seems the warmth isn’t going anywhere.

When the weather is nice, there’s nothing better than spending time outside. Whether you like spending time playing in the sand at the beach, hiking on mountainous trails, or splashing in the pool with your family, we can all agree that summer is full of adventure.

Of course, we can’t always be out exploring the great outdoors, but that doesn’t mean we should be shut inside our homes either. For many people, summer is all about hanging out in your own backyard.

Without having to leave the comfort of home, you can still soak up the sun and enjoy nature.

Looking to refresh your backyard this summer? Look no further than these 20 incredible backyards — they’ll definitely give you the inspiration you need.

1. Boho Backyard

If you want your backyard to reflect your eccentric, quirky personality, go for a boho-chic vibe. Pick out your favorite pieces of colorful furniture, plant some greenery, and put it all together with a fun indoor/outdoor rug.

2. Picture-Perfect Patio

Not every backyard is grassy and lush. If you have a patio, you can still make it cozy and inviting. Just make sure you have some comfortable furniture and colorful accent pieces to really bring the space to life

3. Orange Oasis

If you have a tiny outdoor space, you can still put it to good use. Whether you have a small balcony, tiny backyard, or little courtyard, you can still use the space to your advantage. Choose some cute folding chairs and a small table to give yourself an adorable seating area outside.

4. Tropical Retreat

If you’re lucky enough to have a pool, make it look luxurious and relaxing with some big trees, green grass, and clean water. Add some flowers nearby to make things more colorful — and don’t forget to find a spot for lawn chairs so you can lounge.

5. Elegant Lounge Space

This gorgeous patio has a hammock as the centerpiece. The wooden lounge area is absolutely beautiful, and the floral elements give it a natural, organic vibe.

6. Green Getaway

Keep things natural with a backyard like this one. All you need to be comfortable is a simple hanging chair! Bring even more greenery to your yard by building a pergola or patio cover and letting vines crawl up the sides.

7. Hammock Hangout

Nothing is better than relaxing on a hammock after a long day. This gorgeous farmhouse backyard is completed with simple white fences — and, of course, a comfy hammock.

8. Poolside Patio

Do you absolutely love spending time in the water? Make your pool feel like an outdoor spa with a gorgeous wooden deck and comfortable lounge chairs. All your worries will just melt away!

9. Trendy Courtyard

For everyone who is obsessed with current trends, this modern courtyard is the perfect getaway. Complete with wooden benches, tall cacti, elk heads, and a spiral staircase, this courtyard will have you spending all your free time outside.

10. Cozy Backyard

After a hot summer day, it’s nice to sit back with a glass of wine and watch the sun set. Once it’s evening and things have cooled off a bit, hang out under this tented area and chat with your friends and family.

11. Forested Patio

If you want to feel like you’re right in the middle of the forest, make sure your backyard has tons of trees and simple lounge chairs. Just watch out for bugs!

12. Urban Garden

You don’t have to have a ton of space to have an elegant outdoor getaway. Use the space you have to create your very own urban garden — potted plants can be a great solution if you don’t have room for a planted garden.

13. Fireplace Hangout

Can you think of anything more enticing than sitting by a fire on a cool summer evening, roasting marshmallows and making s’mores? This fireplace is super cozy, and it’s perfect for family gatherings or adult-only get-togethers.

14. Twinkling Terrace

Whether you plan on using your backyard for barbecues, fires in the fire pit, or just for lounging, this terrace has it all. Plus, with all the grassy space behind the patio, this backyard is great for kids and adults alike.

15. Zen Pergola

If you dream of having a relaxing backyard oasis, this zen lounge area is perfect for you. Sit back with a good book and enjoy the outdoors in this comfortable outdoor space.

16. Fantastic Fire Pit

If you dream of cool summer nights, perfect sunsets, and snuggling with your loved one under a blanket, this is the yard for you. The sparkling lights above the cozy chairs give it a romantic vibe.

17. Colorful Courtyard

If you want your outdoor space to show off your playful side, make sure it’s super colorful. If you can’t find colorful furniture that you love, just buy some weather-resistant spray paint and go to town!

18. Shabby-Chic Corner

19. Modern Pergola

This pergola has modern furniture with a feminine vibe. The lights hanging from the roof give the seating area a quirky feel. This adorable backyard area is perfect for enjoying mimosas with your girlfriends or a barbecue with the family.

20. Floral Escape

If you believe every home should have a garden, this floral getaway is perfect for you. Every spring, go to your local gardening store or nursery and pick up all the colorful flowers you’ll need to brighten your mood.

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