Makeup Tutorial From 1969

Are you ready for a blast from the past? This makeup tutorial from 1969 has some helpful tips for the working woman who still wants to put some effort into her makeup.

While some of these tips and tricks are helpful – like how to change the shape of your eyes using well-placed eye shadow, other tips seem a little out of place. For example, at one point the lady says you should never wear bold, “nighttime” colors. She also says an acceptable age to start wearing lipstick is 14.

After going over the details of eye makeup, the lady in the tutorial tells us that no amount of makeup can fix tired eyes, so the best thing to do for your beauty is to get a good night’s sleep. No arguments here!

All the kids on Instagram are obsessed with contouring as if it’s a new way to do makeup, but this video shows that women have been using contouring for decades! Go ahead and watch this fun makeup tutorial below, and maybe show it to your kids or grandkids!

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