How Liqueur Chocolates Used to Be Made By Hand

In the old days, even many commercial products were still made in part by hand. The chocolates of today are largely made using machines. But, in the 1960s small chocolatiers did most of the work by hand in a labor intensive process.

Liqueur chocolates were (and still are) some of the most expensive chocolates one can buy. And, seeing how they were made it’s no wonder why. Firstly, trays of warmed starch are impressed by hand to make the molds for the liqueur go into. Then a very strong solution of sugar is brought to a boil, then the liqueur is added, and the mixture is carefully put into the molds.

Once that’s cooled off after having been covered with more starch, the centers are ready to be coated in chocolate, but only after being gently brushed clean of starch with a special brush. Watch the video below to see how these and other mouthwatering treats were once made by hand at a small factory in 1965.

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