Natural Beauty Treatments from 1962 Seemed Weird Then But Are Fairly Normal Today

Long before the gold masks, vitamin C serums, and honey-infused moisturizers we have today there were some decidedly more humble treatments in use. The 1960s saw a world of health possibilities open up for those willing to try them. Yoga and Ayurvedic medicine were two imports from India, but more down-home treatments were being devised as well. A range of natural beauty home remedies came into play, from respectable establishments no less.

Some of the cosmetic chemicals that are often today concocted in a lab or concentrated from their natural state were at first used as raw ingredients. Yogurt masks, cucumber slices over the eyes, and other food-based treatments gave the beauty industry new energy, though it would be a while until these kinds of facials became more mainstream. Have a look at some of the natural beauty aids in use during 1962 in the video below.

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