There’s Nothing Like a 1950s Christmas!

Most of us have fond memories of when we were little, sitting under the Christmas tree, tinsel strewn about the the house. The gifts we got back then were not numbered in the dozens, but they meant the world to us. A new dolly or a firetruck was all it would take to send us into delight overdrive. Whether you grew up in the 1950s or not, there’s just something heartwarming about seeing photos from the decade at Christmas time. Have a look at Christmas in Florida in the 1950s!

“Home of Mr. & Mrs. Robert D. Fritz featuring an exaggerated facsimile of a Christmas card. Won best in Tallahassee Garden Club home decoration contest.” Tallahassee, 1954. Via/ State Archives of Florida

“It’s tough on a youngster, having his birthday and Christmas come on the same day. He’s bound to be caught short on presents. But Ned Roberts, son of Lt. and Mrs. Eugene N. Roberts, 401 E. Virginia St., doesn’t seem to mind. He was born just before Christmas day, and he’s ready for Santa Claus and his first birthday presents today.” Tallahassee, 1954. Via/ State Archives of Florida

“Opening Christmas presents at the Lake Seminole Tr. Court,” 1957. Via/ State Archives of Florida

“Salvation Army Christmas baskets for the needy.” 1957. Via/ State Archives of Florida

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