If You Grew Up Like This Then You Are a Lucky Duck!

If you grew up in the 1950s and 1960s you’ll probably remember a few of these scenes. Mom making lunches of roast beef sandwiches from a roast she cooked (no plastic baggies yet, just folded wax paper). She made breakfast for the older kids while the youngest meandered around the kitchen looking for candy and giving people food to the dog – a melting snowball set on plate so that he could “keep” it. Or maybe you remember just how provocative it was to have two-piece outfits which showed the midriff. It was big stuff back then!

Life did seem simpler way back when (even though cooking was much more complicated) because family life went at a much easier tempo than in today’s world. Have a look in the video at a few scenes from the era that show what everyday life was for many Americans.

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