The Ideal Kitchen in 1949 Looks Like Something We’d Love to Use Today!

The steel cabinets hold a few secrets: flour and sugar bins right above the countertop seem really easy to use! This reminds us of our favorite Hoosier cabinets, but is so sleek compared to the antiques we grew up with!

There are also built-in bins for potatoes and onions.

Near the bins and the sink is a handy disposal area which drops down into a scrap bucket. Maybe today there’d be a compost bucket under there!

The stove not only has a drop-in pan, but also has really neat storage above.

There’s a drawer for everything including: tea, salt, farina, cornmeal, flour, sugar, oatmeal and cream of wheat! The shelves and the clock are especially nice.

There’s even a slide-out compartment for drying dish towels!

Sadly, there’s no dishwasher in this dream kitchen. There is, however, another handy secret compartment to store the dish soap in! You can watch the full video about this step saving kitchen in the video below.

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