Fascinating 1940s Beauty Tips

Beauty routines throughout the decades have changed quite a bit, especially as we learn more about the science behind proper skin and hair care. Not to mention all of the beauty products available to us nowadays! Take a look at this vintage video showing a typical beauty regiment for women in the 1940s. The best part is that it’s all narrated by a man – of course!

Perhaps one of the biggest differences in the beauty routines of the 1940s and today, is hair care. This video urges women to wash their hair often – about once every two weeks! Another fascinating suggestion is to rinse your hair three times – once in regular water, once with a drop of lemon juice or vinegar, and a third time in clean, cool water.

Another fascinating hair tip is to check your hair by pinching a few strands together and pulling it through your fingers. If your hair squeaks, you can be sure you have rinsed all of the soap out. The final hair care instruction is to roll and pin your hair while it’s wet, seeing as that’s when the hair is most flexible.

Go ahead and check out the video below for more fun beauty tips from the 40s. Which of these do you still do today?

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