1913 House Restoration

We don’t know about you, but we love watching those home renovation shows! It’s truly amazing what some people can do and how they can look at a totally destroyed or broken-down house and have a vision on how to make it look brand-new. This house is an old house from 1913, complete with some really beautiful details, but in desperate need of a little TLC. Go ahead and see how this beautiful house transformation happened!


Professional house flipper, Mark Ferguson, bought the house for $178,000, and spent $80,000 on repairs. He was able to list it for $339,000 when all was said and done!

As you can see, there are a lot of cool things about this house. The wood work, the windows, some of the light fixtures. The details here in this 100-year-old house make it unique and beautiful.

However, there are also lots of improvements that need to be made. The plumbing is all outdated and has caused water damage, the hardwood floors have either been covered by carpet or are worn down and damaged. The walls and paint leave a lot to be desired as well.


Aside from a fresh coat of paint and a new roof, not much changed on the outside of the house. They even stuck with the original color of the siding.

As much as possible, the renovators tried to keep the original wood work and fixtures around the house so it maintains that classic look that really makes it unique among the cookie cutter homes and McMansions that are scattered all around the neighborhood.

Some things, however, needed to be redone completely. Like the kitchen and bathrooms. A more modern backsplash and some minimalisn’t white cabinets were added after the electricity was fixed up. The bathroom got a complete makeover as well, once the plumbing situation was under control.

See the full renovation details in the video below!

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