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15-Yr-Old Goes Way Beyond Shop Class Assignment, Creates Table That Stuns DIYers Around The World.

This is one coffee table you might want to think twice about putting your feet up on. You might just disappear and reemerge in some other dimension of the space-time continuum … or so it would seem.

A couple of years ago, a 15-year-old high school student enrolled in a woodworking class, but jewelry boxes and business card holders were a little too bush league for his taste. So instead, he designed an otherworldly table and posted photos on Imgur of the completed project – photos that probably sent a flood of DIYers to their local lumber stores.

Via Imgur

The unnamed student, who goes by the handle Baumstaller, spent about $435 on the entire project. The majority of that was spent on the mirrors which reflect lights. The color of the lights can be changed and placed on different settings with a remote control. How cool is that?!

“It’s my own design, and there is no other table like it in the world,” he wrote in response to questions on Imgur. “I’m not really looking to sell this table, I worked incredibly hard on it, and it’s the first project that I made, so it has a large sentimental value to me.”

Here’s how he did it:

1. He started with a wood frame

2. Then added an inner frame

3. And, of course, legs

4. Then, he stained the wood

5. He drilled a hole through the inside frame for the lights to go through

6. Put in the bottom mirror

7. And used hot glue to secure the string of lights along the inner frame.

8. After putting the top frame on

9. Then he put the two-way mirror on top of that

He turned on the lights and bam, suddenly you’re suddenly gazing at infinity!

Pretty darn cool, wouldn’t you say?

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