15 Winter Life Hacks to Make Your Life Easier (and Warmer)

8) Mitten Mayhem

You can easily make new mittens out of old sweaters to keep your hands warm. We love the take on this project where one crafty sewist uses several different sweaters for a unique look. While some versions of this DIY use as many as 4 pieces for each mitten, you could also make a simpler version by using a more flat pattern across the front and back of sweater and utilize the bottom ribbing as the wristband of the new mitten.

7) Hand-crafted Comfort

Speaking of fleece, you can make a version of your own Snuggie at home pretty easily with inexpensive polar fleece yardage from the fabric store.

6) Make a Regular Curtain More Effective

Regular curtains lined with flannel or fleece fabric become insulated curtains in a jiffy! They can be attached to the curtains themselves or run on a separate curtain rod just for winter. But, be aware that they will block a lot more light than plain curtains.

5) Change Direction

Reverse the direction of your ceiling fan to recirculate warm air around the room (ceiling fans should be rotating clockwise in winter and counter clockwise in summer).

4) Check the Treads

Car tires treads can be checked with the penny method: stick a penny down into the treads and if Lincoln’s head shows then you need new tires.

3) Winter-Equipped Bike

Makeshift snow tires for bikes can be made by securing zip ties at regular intervals around the tires.

2) Save Your Skin

Shorter showers which aren’t too hot can help keep winter skin from getting as painfully dry.

1) Home Baking Never Felt So Good

Bake often and your house will stay warmer which is the best excuse for making cookies we’ve ever heard! Crack the oven door when your baking is done to release a nice, cozy burst of heat into your home.

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