13 Ingenious Uses for Vaseline That Come in Handy

5. To Create a Faux Finish

Since Vaseline is a thick, oily substance, it can used to create a resist for faux distressed wood finishes. Get the tutorial on how to use Vaseline in your wood projects here. P.S. This trick also works around your cuticles to protect them from a sloppy nail polish application!

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6. Make Up Remover

If you ever have make up that won’t come off then Vaseline can really help. Some people like to use baby oil, but Vaseline doesn’t drip and can take off stubborn products like waterproof mascara and long-wearing lipstick.

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7. Make Perfume Last Longer

A dab of Vaseline on your pressure pints before the application of perfume can make your scent last longer by giving the perfume something to cling to the skin with.

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8) To Unstick a Zipper

To help lubricate a stuck zipper, apply a tiny bit of Vaseline (using a cotton swab) to the teeth just around the zipper pull. This should help get a stuck zipper moving again.

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9. To Keep Your Pumpkins Fresh

Apply some Vaseline on the edges of pumpkin cuts to keep a jack-o-lantern from turning brown. Who knew?

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