13 Things Girls Today Will Never Have to Struggle With

7) Wearing Crinolines

There’s nothing quite like the flounce and flair of a crinoline, but some of them were pretty itchy. And, let’s not forget about the heat in summer. Women these days certainly have an easier time without them.

6) Using Frozen Juice Cans

To get the perfect flip, great big curlers were needed and if you didn’t have that then empty frozen orange juice cans were the next best thing.

5) No Jeans

…at least not at school! And the same went for any even remotely formal occasion. Skirts and dresses were the norm for everyday and for special occasions.

4) High Heels

From wearing them around the house to having to wear heels in the snow, this is one standard of dress that many women are happy to never again deal with. Today, flats and sandals are perfectly acceptable for many situations, so they aren’t exactly needed. But, for all the pain there is something uplifting about being a couple inches taller.

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3) Scarf Protection

Having to protect your hairstyle with a scarf was once a concern for ladies since the restyle one’s hair could take quite a while. Best to just not have to do it over and that’s where the scarf came in. Tying a scarf to one’s hand bag was an easy way to make sure you always had one on hand.

2) Using Deodorant from a Jar

Although some natural brands are bringing this trend back), most young ladies these days will have only ever used a solid stick or maybe a roller type deodorant. Back in the day brands like Mum, Yodora, and Arrid all had jar formulations which fit discreetly in amongst one’s vanity items.

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1) Home Permanents

Sitting through one of these seemed like torture at the time. From teens to little girls to women, we all had to struggle through these at one point or another.

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