12 Little Known Facts About HoneyBaked Ham

Honey baked hams are a staple of everyone’s Christmas dinner. Did you know all of the hidden facts about them, though? Let’s take a moment to study up on all of these little known tidbits about the HoneyBaked ham brand, shall we?

1. Honey Baked Ham Got Its Start In Detroit

Harry J. Hoenselaar bought the HoneyBaked Ham Company back in 1957 for all of $500. He had to re-mortgage his home in order to make the payment but this investment turned out to be a wise one.

2. The Spiral-Slicing Machine Is Patented

Harry J. Hoenselaar is also responsible for creating the spiral slicer and ensuring its ability to become patented. A few different prototypes were created before he was eventually able to become successful.

3. Each Of The Hams Is Selected By Hand

This brand has a reputation for quality and this reputation is well earned. Each of the hams comes with its own 16 point inspection before it is placed in front of the general public.

4. Cooking Processes Are Kept Secret

While the cooking process is kept secret, we do know that the hams are cooked over hardwood chips initially. The spiral slicing takes place afterwards and the glaze comes after that. No one knows exactly what it is in the glaze.

5. The Ham Can Be Ordered Four Different Ways

Boneless hams, quarter hams, half hams and whole hams are all available. The whole ham could serve a small army, that is for sure. It is perfect for the holiday gatherings that take place during the Christmas season.

6. HoneyBaked Makes More Than Just Ham

Pork, beef and turkey are also offered. HoneyBaked will provide the sides for your holiday gatherings, too. Mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, spinach artichoke dip and mac and cheese are all offered.

7. They’ve Got Delicious Desserts

Cakes and pies are on hand. Believe it or not, they are just as popular as the hams. Triple Chocolate Cake and the cheesecake sampler are among the most popular.

8. “Miscuts” Offer A Cheaper Option

The hams that were sliced improperly come at a discount. Best of all, there is absolutely nothing wrong with them.

9. Your Cat Will Love It

The delivery boxes make for a great gift for all of the felines out there.

10. Almost Every State Has HoneyBaked Hams

There are only nine states that do not have a HoneyBaked ham outpost. Sorry to everyone who lives in Vermont, Rhode Island, North Dakota, Montana, Maine, Iowa, Idaho, Hawaii and Alaska.

11. Waits Are Common

Hour-long waits are the norm in most locations. Trust on this one: it is well worth it.

12. Easter Readiness Is Key

These stores are open for at least 12 hours before Easter, making the preparation process incredibly simple.

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