11 Jadeite Items That You Might Not Have Known Existed

Jadeite is a favorite of many vintage collectors for its soothing green color and durability. Plus, there’s nothing that quite takes one back to the 1930s-50s quite like seeing a kitchen decorated with Jadeite dishes and spice jars. That hue, in all its various forms, was popular in paint and fabric, as well as many items of home decor. But, we had no idea just how pervasive Jadeite once was!

When most people think of Jadeite they think of the Fire King dishes which were the everyday tableware for so many families. But, check out these other vintage items that you might never have known about which also came in Jadeite green.

11) Ashtrays

Jadeite was a popular material for a variety of home decor and ash trays were no different. The one below has brass fittings for an Art Deco look.

10) Divided Plates

You don’t usually see these dishes for sale as often these days- as the standard plates are much more common. The rarity of these plates, since many were used in diners, means that they sell for a bit more than their regular (non-divided) counterparts.

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9) Play Dishes

The Arko Company is well-known to collectors of children’s toys today. Their glass dishes came in a variety of pleasing colors, one of which was Jadeite green. However, the most commonly found colors for sale these days are often the blue dishes, making the Jadeite dishes a more rare commodity.

8) Vases

Fire King also made vases in addition to their dishes, but so did well-known glass makers like Fenton. The designs were sometimes Art Deco, sometimes floral or dotted, and always so pretty!

7) Coffee Canisters

With so many other kitchen items made in Jadeite for that matched look, it’s unusual that we don’t see more of these canisters in antique stores. If you look hard they are out there, though.

6) Stand Mixer Accessories

Stand mixers back in the day often had splash covers which kept the kitchen from getting totally trashed in the process of making dinner. And, some of these splash guards were in Jadeite to match the stand mixer bowls that came with them.

5) Refrigerator Dishes

We’re used to Pyrex refrigerator dishes in clear, white, turquoise, or pink, but they also came in Jadeite, too. This was Tupperware before Tupperware!

4) Towel Bars

Like so many other elements of decor, Jadeite green was an attractive color for both the kitchen and the bathroom, especially in the 1930s. Tiles were ceramic usually, but towel bars were sometimes made from glass!

3) Wall Decor

Plaques or other elements made from Jadeite glass are pretty hard to find these days, but they did exist! Just imagine how pretty something like this would be on the wall!

2) Hen on Nest Dishes

Westmoreland was one maker of Jadeite hen on nest dishes, as well as a variety of Jadeite candy dishes.

1) Jewelry

The vintage brooch below is made from a mix of plastic and glass, but a wide variety of Jadeite jewelry was once popular.

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