11 Common Food Combinations That Are Really Bad For Your Health

Most of us try to make healthy choices when it comes to the food we eat. We know that it’s important to have breakfast in order to jump-start your metabolism, we know we need to limit our sugar intake and eat more veggies. However, despite our best efforts to make good choices, we often run short on time and end up grabbing whatever is fast, convenient, and sounds good. Here are 11 surprising food combinations that are actually bad for your health! Which combinations surprised you the most? Let us know in the comments below!

Muffin & Orange Juice

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This classic breakfast combo is actually setting you up for a huge let down later in the day! Both muffins and orange juice have a lot of sugar and carbs, which will spike your blood sugar. The initial spike in blood sugar will feel good and give you a little boost of energy to start your day. However, after the initial spike, your blood sugar will drop and you’ll be hungry and cranky. Instead of getting your energy from sugar and carbs, try a more protein and fiber heavy meal, like a whole grain muffin and yogurt.

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