100 Years Of Nail Trends

While the idea of decorating nails has been around since ancient times, it’s only recently been the trend to paint your nails. Michelle Ménard popularized the idea in 1920. At the time, the popular way to wear nail polish was in a “Moon Manicure,” which consisted of leaving the cuticles bare, having a painted section in the middle, and then having the tips painted white or silver.

Over the decades, nail trends have come and gone, as with all fashion statements. You might be surprised and who or what influenced the nail trends of the day!

While it might have been popular to have boldly colored, almond shaped nails in the 40s, practically speaking, women were going to work during the war, so they adapted and made short nails with softer colors the trend.

Acrylic nails were invented in the 50s by dentist Frank Slack. Thus brought on a new wave of nail trends and decor. Go ahead and watch the video below to relive some of the most popular trends throughout the years. Which one is your favorite? How do you wear your nails today?

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