How Kitchens Have Evolved Over The Last 100 Years


Earth tones were very popular in the 1960s, which gave way to such colors as canary yellow and avocado green appliances and cabinets. The look of the kitchen became even more streamlined as stoves and dishwasher were built right into the cabinets.

The open layout that became popular in the 50s gave way to a new kind of look for the kitchen. Instead of being its own separate room, the kitchen became more of a command center with a breakfast bar and the ability to look out over the dining room and into the rest of the house.


If the 60s were all about bold colors, then the 70s were all about bold patterns. There was wallpaper everywhere – and that included the kitchen. 70s Style was all about pushing the limits, even if it meant clashing colors and patterns.

Along with the interesting design choices of the 70s, kitchens became “smart.” There were more appliances available for the ease and convinience of the cook. There was even a “kitchen bot” that supposedly was an extra hand in the kitchen. While the robot never really took off, the now affordable microwave was a sure hit.


Kitchen islands were a staple in most kitchens in the 80s. And like shoulder pads and hair, they were big. The kitchen islands could accommodate a large group of people. This showed both that the kitchen was becoming more of a social hang out, and that it was all about status symbols.

While the kitchens of the 50s, 60s, and 70s were loud and proud in their different ways, the kitchens of the 80s turned back into neutral colors, featuring a lot of wood cabinets and accents.


When we think of 90s decor, one word comes to mind: farmhouse. This look goes for the kitchen as well. A little country, a little European, and a little nostalgia all made their way into the farmhouse look. It was eclectic and often brought in vintage thrift store finds.

On the flipside of the farmhouse look was the professional kitchen. These kitchens came with all the bells and whistles and were often modeled after restaurant kitchens.


Stainless steel and granite covered almost every surface in the kitchen of the 2000s. These are still popular choices today, and we’re finally moving into the realm of a more classic kitchen that hopefully stands the test of time.

The tiny house movement forced designers and engineers to come up with creative ways to utilize space and make appliances smaller and more efficient. Even if someone doesn’t have a tiny home, these smaller, more efficient appliances and spaces are still a popular choice!


The current decade of kitchen decor can be summed up in one word: white. White cupboards, white marble counter tops, white accents. It’s a clean look that a lot of people have adapted from trendy restaurants.

As far as appliances and technology in the kitchen goes – it’s all about the smart appliances for those who can afford the big price tag.

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