From Art Deco to ’60s Glam: 100 Years of Earrings Has Us Swooning

We love to see these glamorous old designs being showcased for the world. From the monochromatic and streamlined 1920s earrings to the sparkling adornments of the ’50s, these are the the elegant kinds of earrings we can remember ladies wearing when we were younger. Even the the enameled hoops of the ’80s have a certain kind of charm. We also love seeing the clip-on and screw back styles being worn with ease. Not many youngsters today will understand what it was like to have to unscrew the back in order to fit the earring onto your earlobe!

We just can’t get enough of these sparkling vintage styles. Women in decades past often dressed to the nines for church, dinners out, or even to just go shopping and earrings were definitely a part of that. Have a look in the video below at 100 years of earrings.

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