10 Worst As Seen On TV Products

We’ve all been there – it’s late at night, you can’t sleep or maybe you’re waiting up for someone. Your favorite show or movie ends and then an infomercial comes on. You know you should change it, but something about the over-the-top sales pitch and the exaggerated acting pulls you in. Before you know it, you’re tempted to make five easy payments of $19.99 for whatever ridiculous product is being sold. Most of us have resisted that urge, but quite a few people paid good money for products that are… less than stellar. Here’s a look at the top ten worst “As Seen On TV” products from the last several decades. Did you purchase any of these? If so, leave a review in the comments section!

Perfect Polly

Do you love birds but don’t want the responsibility of feeding them and cleaning their cage? Here’s a plastic toy bird that moves its head in creepy, jerky motions while chirping the same three tones over and over again. But wait! There’s more! This bird substitute is motion-activated, so when you get up in the middle of the night for a glass of water, you can be sure you’ll hear the chirp chirp of your new “pet.”

Air Curler

Of all the “As Seen On TV” products, those involving hair are extra cringy. It’s hard to imagine just what the makers and marketers of this product were thinking. Not only does it look like a recipe for disaster, but even the commercials make it look incredibly fake. As the old saying goes, “If it looks too good to be true… It probably is.” Case in point, the photo below. Expectation vs. reality. Yikes.

Hawaiian Chair

Anyone who works in an office can attest to the fact that this sedentary lifestyle isn’t the best for getting a flat stomach or a six-pack. However, working out and eating right seems like a hassle. What if you could work out while sitting at your desk? That’s right. All you have to do is sit on the Hawaiian chair while it rocks you around in circles all day. Sure, you might be moving and jerking around too much to type or answer the phone, but at least you are fit, right? Wrong. Not only does this chair make it impossible to work, but there’s zero evidence of it giving anyone a toned stomach.

Uro Club

This product is without a doubt one of the most disturbing things we’ve ever seen sold on TV. It’s a golf club that is hollowed out, with a removable lid. The idea is that you can unscrew the top of the club and pee right inside. Becuase, you know, going to the bathroom like a normal person is inconvenient. There are so many questions we have about this troubling product, but we’re not sure if we really want the answers.

Sauna Pants

Have you always wanted to burn your most sensitive parts while also feeling like you’re peeing all the time? If so, try Sauna Pants. They are pretty much exactly what you’re imagining – a pair of shorts that you plug into an outlet while wearing. They heat up and theoretically help you melt away the pounds on your butt and thighs. Unfortunately, all they really do is make you uncomfortable. Not only is this product false advertising, but it can also be quite harmful to your… lower parts. Just skip this one, ok?

For more ridiculous As Seen On TV products, check out the video below!

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