10 Clever DIYs For Your Outdoor Space

Elevated Planter Box

We love finding creative ways to display our favorite outdoor plants. Flowers add so much beauty to our home, especially in the spring and summer, as we spend more time outside enjoying our yards and gardens. We really like the idea of creating an elevated planter box, and with the right tools and supplies, this elevated planter box becomes a fun DIY project that adds beauty to any home. We found this video by The Rehab Life, and it breaks down each step of the building process into a simple and effective tutorial.

Popsicle Stick Bench

We know that you enjoy Steve Ramsey from Woodworking for Mere Mortals and his projects as much as we do, so we are back again today with another one of his projects. Steve calls this the popsicle stick bench but don’t be alarmed, we aren’t using actual popsicle sticks and at the end, you will end up with a lot sturdier of a project than if you used popsicle sticks. With that said, this bench looks like it was made with colorful and fun popsicle sticks which makes this a super fun DIY. Check out this video tutorial and have fun!

Whizzco for LPE