10 Creative Ways to Upcycle Vintage Teacups

When it comes to high tea, most of us aren’t taking part. The ritual of teatime, complete with elaborate teacups in gilt designs, is not what it once was. Furthermore, the larger, sturdier mug has largely replaced teacups for drinking hot liquids. But, the designs on vintage teacups are so beautiful that it’s hard to give them away. Or maybe you find great mismatched teacups at thrift stores. Either way, here are 10 creative crafts to use your china (or even glass) teacups in new ways.

Succulent Planter

Teacups, sugar bowls, and creamers all make excellent planters for succulents, which can thrive in a very small amount of soil. Be sure to place pebbles or other drainage at the bottom before filling them up. Sepervivum (AKA hens and chicks) and crassula (AKA jade plants) are two types of succulents which would suit a teacup planter nicely.


If you have broken teacups, then a mosaic is the perfect way to use them up. Mixed with more plain pieces the detailed teacup shards will add a nice contrast in your project.

Lamp or Wall Sconce

By drilling through a teacup and saucer with a glass/tile drill bit, you can use the structure of the china or glass to create lovely lamps, sconces, or other types of lighting. This does require some knowledge of how to wire a lamp, but lamp kits nearly always come with detailed instructions. Jadeite or bone china would be especially lovely for this craft as the light can shine through.

Bird Feeder

For a more long-lasting fixture you could use a strong glue like E600 to adhere a teacup to a saucer. Fill with birdseed and place in an area where the birds will enjoy it. You could also use a glass/tile drill bit to make small holes at three points in the teacup to connect chain to, thereby making a hanging bird feeder.

Flower Vase

By cutting hearty stems shorter you can use pretty teacups as short flower vases. The use of a florists’ frog to hold the stems in place will make it a more secure arrangement. The nice thing about this type of centerpiece is that you can see over it across the table. It’s also hard to knock over, unlike tall vases.


By using that trusty glass and tile drill bit again you can make chandelier shades from teacups.

Garden Sculpture

By filling a teacup with spagnum moss, miniature gnome figurines or fairies, and some other decorations you can make small a garden sculpture that is sure to delight.

Jewelry Storage

Place teacups and saucers inside a drawer and use them to sort your earrings, bracelets, and other jewelry items. This is a great one for concealed and elegant jewelry storage.

Custom Pin Cushion

By making a stuffed ball the size of the inside of the teacup and glueing it down, you can create a whimsical pin cushion.


Follow the instructions in the video below to make gorgeous teacup candles. You can choose the scent and color to make this a completely custom craft!

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