10 Creative Ways To Decorate With Dollar Store Plastic Pumpkins

Fall is here, and it will be Halloween before we know it! It’s just the start of the holiday season, so we try not to blow the whole budget on Halloween decor. However, we do love any chance we can get to come up with fun and creative ways to decorate around the house! Here are a few creative ideas using dollar store pumpkins. It doesn’t get more budget-friendly than that. Go ahead and check out these ideas and then get the rest from the video below!

Stacked Pumpkin Light

What a fun, cheap, easy decor idea. There’s no painting involved here, just a few flashing LED lights and some hot glue. Place the lights in the pumpkins, stack, and hot glue together. You may want to put a few rocks in the bottom pumpkin to keep the whole thing steady, depending on where you’re planning on displaying your new, festive light.

Pumpkin Light Cover

How cute is this? And so simple, too! Cut a slit in the back of your pumpkin and then cut out the bottom. Then, slip the altered plastic pumpkin over your porch light and you’re good to go! You can even add a few more fun colored lights around the door frame if you’re into that sort of thing. Who says string lights around the doors and window are just for Christmas? Not us!

Plaid Pumpkin

Looking for more of a fall decor item you can display a little longer than the Halloween stuff? We’ve got just the thing! This plaid pumpkin is so easy. Just grab some plaid fabric, or other fall-themed fabric of choice, and cut it into strips. Cover the pumpkin in Mod Podge and layer on the fabric. Once the pumpkin is covered, paint another layer of Mod Podge to seal and protect everything. Then, roll a strip of fabric for the stem, and add a few embellishments like leaves and string.

Pumpkin Witch

This fun, eclectic idea is perfect for the porch or an outdoor seating area. Get the stone/cement look by first spray painting the pumpkin black. Then, add a few layers of stone spray paint. Put a few rocks in the pumpkin to weigh it down, then attach a fun witch hat using hot glue.

Pumpkin Planter

An oldie but a goodie, as they say. Spray paint the pumpkin whatever color fits your decor. Then add a few fall plants. This is so simple, but a fun and easy way to add a few seasonal accents around the yard or house.

Check out even more dollar store pumpkin ideas in the video below!

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