10 Uses For Epsom Salt

You probably know Epsom Salt for it’s relaxing and soothing effect when dissolved in a warm bath. While soothing sore and aching muscles is a wonderful use for Epsom salt, there are actually a ton of other health benefits and practical uses around the house! This versatile compound can be used in your beauty routine, cleaning around the house, and even in your garden! Go ahead and see the many wonderful uses for Epsom salt in the list below.

1. Improve Circulation

Epsom salt baths are primarily thought of as a way to relax sore muscles and get rid of the aches and pains of daily life. However, did you know these baths can actually help promote heart health and prevent heart disease? That’s right! By taking an Epsom salt bath three to four times a week, you will help regulate fluid retention and help aid the body’s use of calcium which helps to transmit chemical signals throughout the nervous system. Epsom salt also helps with enzymatic function and circulation.

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