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Those Born Too Late Might Not Know What These Terms Mean

There are so many things that we no longer say or use. Old terms or out-of-date tools have all but vanished from our vocabulary in only a shirt time. But, if you love old things you just might be familiar with a few of these old-fashioned terms.

10) Whitewalls

There was a time when these kinds of tires were pretty common and were considered an upgrade: a little something extra. These days you’d probably have to be a vintage car expert in order to appreciate what whitewalls are!

9) Murphy Bed

Many of us know the Murphy bed as a sign that you are living in a very small and very cheap apartment. Most buildings today are a big upgrade from the tenement rooms of the early 20th century, but even in the 1960s-70s people were still using these convenient beds that folded up into the wall. Ironically, brand new Murphy beds today are often custom built and quite the expensive luxury.

The antique Murphy beds that are housed in finely made wardrobe cabinets today usually sell for as much or more as just a plain wardrobe would fetch.

8) Hassock

Today some people even call them poufs, but in the old days a lot of folks referred to ottomans as hassocks. An equally old term is tuffet which we know from the nursery rhyme.

7) Liverwurst

Also known as braunschweiger, this liver sausage is still a beloved favorite for many folks, though the stuff we buy in the supermarket is quite a bit sifter and more unform than the original German version. Did you eat this on toast or crackers, with onions or mustard? Seems like anyone who grew up with this snack has a different answer as to how this sausage should be eaten!

6) Perambulator

It sounds to some today like a word that could be a strange technological device, but it’s just the old-fashioned word for a baby carriage. Some people also used to call them buggies.

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