10 Rookie Mistakes To Avoid When Packing For Your Next Trip!

3. Packing More Than 3 Pairs Of Shoes

Unless you’re packing for a snowshoeing trip followed by a hike, a marathon, and a fancy ball, you should be able to accommodate for any occasion with only three pairs of shoes. Pack one dress pair, one casual pair, and one comfortable or athletic pair. The bulkiest pair of shoes should be worn on the plane so as not to take up space in your bag. Pro-tip: stuff socks and undergarments inside of the shoes you pack to save space!

4. Not Utilizing The “Personal Item”

Most airlines allow one carry-on plus one personal item that can be stored under the seat. You may be tempted to stuff this bag with all kinds of entertainment like books, a personal DVD player, laptop, etc. That would be a mistake! Yes, you should bring something to entertain yourself on the plane, but you don’t have to bring every one of your digital devices and three books. You should, however, pack an extra outfit complete with socks and underwear. That way, in the event that you’re forced to check your carry-on and it gets lost. Better safe than sorry!

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