Top 10 Healthy Things To Buy At Costco In 2020

The new year is officially here! Whether you’ve made resolutions or not, this seems to be the time of year when people are looking for healthy alternatives. Even if you didn’t join a gym or start an intense diet, I think we can all agree a sugar detox is in order after the holidays! If your 2020 goals include healthier living, go ahead and check out this list below. You’ll find ten awesome healthy products now available at Costco. Some of these are old favorites, while others are new and exciting!

Birch Benders Pancake Mix

Yes, this pancake mix is keto friendly, but don’t let that be an issue if you’re not on the keto diet! This delicious pancake mix is so much healthier than the alternatives. Just look at that ingredient list below! There’s no enriched or bleached flour anywhere, and very few starches. The best part is, this health food is so easy to whip up.

Almond Milk Yogurt

For all the dairy-free people out there, this one is for you! There are a lot of dairy alternatives for milk, cheese, ice cream, and other dairy products, but it’s hard to find a dairy-free yogurt. It’s even harder to find a healthy dairy-free yogurt. Good thing Costco has just what we’re looking for! This almond milk yogurt is unsweetened and it has live cultures in it, which means this stuff is going to be amazing for your gut health! You can mix in honey or fruit to sweeten the deal a bit, and you’re still going to have a delicious, healthy, dairy-free snack.

Plant-Based Queso

Want to live that healthy lifestyle but still need chips and queso? I totally understand. And so does Costco. Check out this incredible plant-based queso dip! Cauliflower, bell peppers, almonds, apple cider vinegar, and authentic spices all come together to make this miracle of a dip. Here’s to healthy snacking!

Chicken of the Sea Tuna

When it comes to canned tuna, it’s all the same, right? Not so fast! A lot of tuna you’ll find is Albacore tuna, which is a big tuna fish. The bigger the fish, the higher the mercury levels. Instead of Albacore, look for “chunk light.” Also, any time you’re buying fish, make sure it’s wild caught. Farmed fish have a higher rate of mercury and bacteria that you don’t want in your body!

Autumn’s Gold Granola Bars

Looking for a healthy, filling, mid-day snack? Try out these Autumn’s Gold granola bars! They are paleo friendly, but still an excellent choice even if you’re not paleo. Just look at all the good stuff in the ingredient list! Sweetened with maple syrup, and lots of crunchy goodness in the form of almonds, pecans, and pumpkin seeds.

See what other healthy options are available at Costco in the video below!

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