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10 Dishes No Old-fashioned Potluck Was Complete Without

No old-fashioned potluck would have been without these classic dishes, precisely because these potluck staples were always appearing on the buffet table. They were mainstays of American cooking at the time, despite the fact that today many folks find them quaint. But, that’s exactly what we love about these recipes!

Today these dishes are classic comfort food that reminds us of all the potlucks and pitch-ins that seemed to happen every other week!

10) Ambrosia

It seems like every church function or potluck would at least a few different versions of the sweet “salad” usually known as ambrosia (or perhaps a few bowls of 5 cup salad or Watergate salad).

9) Scalloped Potatoes

If it was’t scalloped potatoes it was funeral potatoes or some other equally delicious creamy potato casserole.

8) Potato Salad

It’s no surprise at all that this classic German-American dish is still being served at potlucks and picnics considering that this dish is a favorite for many. Here are 9 potato salad recipes for your next potluck.

7) Old-fashioned Peanut Butter Cookies

There’s no substitute for a true classic and these cookies were at every church function we ever went to as kids.

6) Swedish Meatballs

While Swedish meatballs were considered an exotic addition to a potluck spread, the related grape jelly meatballs were also a hit!

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