10 Books That Will Make You Fall In Love With Reading

Have you ever experienced true book love? You know, that book you can’t put down so you spend the whole night soaking in every sentence and chapter, thinking about who you can discuss this book with when you’re finished. The book that leaves you devastated (in the best way) once it ends. Once you experience this kind of book, your life is changed. Becuase of course, you’ll want more. You’ll wonder why you haven’t been reading books like this your entire life, and you’ll want to read everything from that author, that genre, that section of the bookstore. Alas, your next book is likely to be a letdown. They can’t all be magical, after all. However, once you find your next book love, it’ll all be worth it. We’ve got a good list of books for you to start on, and we promise you won’t be disappointed. Let us know what your first book love was in the comments below!

A Tree Grows In Brooklyn

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From the back of the book: From the moment she entered the world, Francie needed to be made of stern stuff, for the often harsh life of Williamsburg demanded fortitude, precocity, and strength of spirit. Often scorned by neighbors for her family’s erratic and eccentric behavior-such as her father Johnny’s taste for alcohol and Aunt Sissy’s habit of marrying serially without the formality of divorce-no one, least of all Francie, could say that the Nolans’ life lacked drama. By turns overwhelming, sublime, heartbreaking, and uplifting, the Nolans’ daily experiences are tenderly threaded with family connectedness and raw with honesty. Betty Smith has, in the pages of A Tree Grows in Brooklyn, captured the joys of humble Williamsburg life-from “junk day” on Saturdays, when the children of Francie’s neighborhood traded their weekly take for pennies, to the special excitement of holidays, bringing cause for celebration and revelry. Betty Smith has artfully caught this sense of exciting life in a novel of childhood, replete with incredibly rich moments of universal experiences–a truly remarkable achievement for any writer. Get your copy here!

The Bell Jar

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From the back of the book: The Bell Jar chronicles the crack-up of Esther Greenwood: brilliant, beautiful, enormously talented, and successful, but slowly going under — maybe for the last time. Sylvia Plath masterfully draws the reader into Esther’s breakdown with such intensity that Esther’s insanity becomes completely real and even rational, as probable and accessible an experience as going to the movies. Such deep penetration into the dark and harrowing corners of the psyche is an extraordinary accomplishment and has made The Bell Jar a haunting American classic. Get your copy here!

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